Learning Assistant Program

East Carolina University’s STEM Collaborative for Research in Education (CoRE) has piloted a Learning Assistant (LA) program for key gateway STEM courses. The program is built upon a model introduced in 2001 at the University of Colorado – Boulder and is implemented at more than 100 institutions internationally.

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Students Helping Students

Learning Assistants (LAs) encourage active student learning, generate interest in STEM K-12 teacher recruitment, reinforce knowledge in their subject area, and network with faculty and students in their discipline.

Student Interaction

LAs focus on eliciting student thinking and helping them participate in developing a shared understanding

Prep Session

LAs meet with faculty weekly to prepare for classes, develop deeper content understanding and discuss student progression

Pedagogy Course

New LAs take an introductory course on learning theory and active listening to prepare for the LA experience

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I have really enjoyed and learned a lot from being in classes that had LAs. I was able to apply what I had learned and that helped me understand the concepts better.
- Hannah Farmer, Biology Learning Assistant