Student Resources

What to expect as an LA?

As a Learning Assistant, you are expected to engage in three main activities: interact with groups of students, engage with faculty members in weekly preparation meetings, and participate in the pedagogy course specifically designed for new LA’s.

Interaction with students

Learning Assistants interact with students by facilitating discussions about conceptual problems within the discipline. LA’s focus mainly on eliciting student thinking and helping each student participate in developing a shared understanding.

Weekly prep meetings

LA’s meet with their department coordinators and/or faculty as a team at least once per week to prepare for future classes, develop deeper content understanding, and exchange information about how students are progressing in the course.

Pedagogy Course

The pedagogy course introduces Learning Assistants to educational research, active learning, and strategies that support:

  • eliciting student ideas and helping all group members become active and engaged in the class
  • listening and questioning
  • building relationships
  • integrating learning theories with effective practices

Attending the pedagogy course is a requirement of all new Learning Assistants.

Supported Courses and Who to Contact to Apply to be an LA

Biology – Mrs. Taria Crenshaw,

BIOL 1050 – General Biology
BIOL 1060 – Environmental Biology
BIOL 1100 – Principles of Biology I
BIOL 1200 – Principles of Biology II
BIOL 2250 – Ecology
BIOL 2300 – Principles of Genetics
BIOL 3260 – Cell and Developmental Biology

Chemistry – Dr. Joi Walker ,

CHEM 1150 – General Chemistry I
CHEM 1160 – General Chemistry II

Economics –  Dr. Nick Rupp ,

ECON 2113 – Principles of Microeconomics

Geology – Dr. Eric Horsman ,

GEOL 1500 – Dynamic Erath
GEOL 1550 – Oceanography
GEOL 1700 – Environmental Geology

Mathematics – Dr. Guglielmo Fucci,
Mr. Joseph Bland,

MATH 1065 – College Algebra
MATH 1083 – Introduction to Functions

Physics – Dr. Mark Sprague,

PHYS 2350 – University Physics I
PHYS 2360 – University Physics II